Certified Cerakote Applicator

Ronin Arms is a Certified Cerakote Applicator

If you care about your gear, we can protect it.

As a Certified Cerakote™ Applicator, we take great pride in professional application.  Cerakote™ is an industry leading thin-film ceramic coating that can be applied to firearms, knives, tools, eye wear, wearables, and more.  What can we customize for you?  

Cerakote is rigorously tested to outperform other coatings and is strong enough to outlast real-world wear and tear:

  • Abrasion and wear resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Impact strength and hardness

See why we trust Cerakote ceramic firearms coating

See why we trust Cerakote ceramic firearms coating


Fiberglass warps when heated and we do not recommend H Series Cerakote on fiberglass stocks. We will coat fiberglass stocks and parts, but the customer assumes the risk. Please contact us to discuss this process in detail.

Cerakote Pricing

*We do not coat sears, springs, bores or other tolerance critical or high-flex parts.

*We do not coat sears, springs, bores or other tolerance critical or high-flex parts.



TOLERANCE: For standard firearms applications it is often inadvisable to coat both pins and pin holes, as the resulting one (1) mil thickness of the coating when applied to rounded surfaces creates increase of two (2) mil to the part tolerance and four (4) mil (.004) when both hole and pin are coated. This is also applicable to auto-pistol slide and frame fit, such as on tight-fitting 1911’s. We typically plug or mask holes and pins and only coat the pin ends. However, we can coat pins and holes and then custom fit these parts after coating for an additional charge. 

MARKINGS: For receivers, frames, slides, or Picatinny rails that have been painted or lightly laser etched, customers should understand that these markings will be lost during the surface preparation and coating, unless they are machine engraved or stamped. If these markings are of great importance we can mask over them, but those areas in and immediately around the markings will not be coated and, as such, will not blend. Manufacturer’s serial numbers can be masked at no additional charge where needed or coated where possible. Some manufacturer model numbers, name etc. which are laser engraved will be masked over. This is per BATFE (ATF) regulations. Please consult us for specific requirements.